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"Over the last 10 years, my sons have all taken lessons at Firefly.  All 3 of them have learned so much and enjoyed their lessons.  The teachers and staff are absolutely excellent with children and take the time to know each child's unique personality and his own music interests and goals. I feel all three of my sons benefited from the low pressure style and positivity.  The recitals are casual but thoughtful and truly demonstrate how much your child has grown musically. We are loyal to Firefly with good reason. Indeed, I recommend Firefly as a excellent option for introducing your child to music!”

-Tiffany P.

As a mom I am always looking out for my kids. When they were little my youngest met the owner’s son, and through the years we have cultured our relationship with the family. All three of my kids took lessons at Firefly. Two of them had piano lessons and my middle child took guitar lessons. These lessons helped them learn to read music which helped one of them get into the ASA program at Firestone High School. I strongly recommend Firefly for their fairness, consideration and individuality. Firefly is a good business run by a good family.

-Rose C.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Firefly Music School! My son Eli has been taking piano lessons at Firefly for one year now and it has been the most pleasant, educational, fun experience for him, as well as for me. Every teacher at Firefly is kind, caring, and excels at educating the students about music and the instrument they play. The owner, Steve, is a wonderful person as well. Always professional while being sincerely friendly and courteous. Same for the receptionists, always professional and courteous. I cannot express how happy I am we chose Firefly for my son's piano lessons. My son and his piano teacher, Dan, have such an awesome student-teacher relationship. Dan genuinely cares about Eli and strives to help Eli succeed at playing piano. And he always makes lessons fun for my son! The price for lessons is great, the lessons themselves are great, the location in Highland Square is great, everything about Firefly Music School is great! If you want your child to be passionate about, and dedicated to, a lifetime of learning and playing a musical instrument, Firefly Music School is the best place for that to happen! My son Eli and I are forever grateful to his piano teacher Dan, and to everyone at Firefly. What an amazing experience this is for my son! Thank you so much Firefly Music School! 

-Erica L.

Both of our children attend Firefly. 


Our son, Mason, has been taking piano lessons with Dan since he was 5 (he is now 11). Dan has not only provided Mason with a solid foundation in piano theory, but he has also instilled within him a strong love and appreciation for music.


Our daughter, Talia, takes voice lessons with Hannah. Hannah has helped Talia to develop and feel comfortable with her own unique voice. With Hannah’s guidance and encouragement, Talia is increasingly comfortable sharing her gift of voice with an audience. 


For both of our children, music has become a positive outlet (for creativity, for expression, sometimes even for boredom). We credit Firefly for helping them to develop the foundation necessary to express themselves musically. Thank you!

-Tracy R.

“Firefly has been such a great experience for us. it has been so convenient to drop off all of my kids at the same time for their music lessons. All four of my kids have taken lessons there from piano to clarinet, to saxophone and they have consistently loved their teachers, the secretary and of course Steve, the owner. They truly love kids and music at Firefly and it shows!”

-Julie V.

“My son is loving his drum lessons at Firefly! His drum teacher is friendly and creative, crafting lessons to fit him right where he is at. I’ve been very impressed with all the progress he has made in just a short time.”

-Michelle W. 

"All 3 of my girls have taken lessons at Firefly for 7 years. Between them, they've studied piano, flute, and guitar. We've had excellent teachers along with great experiences of recitals on the stage of the Akron Public library once a year. I'd highly recommend Firefly.”

-Natalie K.

"My daughter Carla has taken piano lessons from Dan for a few years. Her ability and interest in playing has increased and her experience there has been nothing but positive.”

-Joel H.

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